How to recover data on Phone

 As your device stores tons of important data on it, it may annoy you so much if you lose your files on your device suddenly. For instance, you may delete the photos, contacts, text messages and so on by accident. When you want the important data back, you find it really difficult to find a good method that can recover in a simple way.

If you delete the data accidentally, the first thing you need to do is to stop using your device. The reason why you need to do this is that the data would be overwritten by the new data you put onto your device. But in case you really have to use your device, you would better to avoid entering the same data type as the lost data. For instance, please do not take a new picture when you want to retrieve the accidentally deleted photos.

Beside, try to recover the data as soon as possible or it may have a higher risk to be overwritten and you are not able to get the lost data back anymore.

Now, follow this guide, learn tips on how to recover your Android phone.

Part 1: Restore Media Files from Android Backup

If you have the backup copies of the media files such as photos, audios, videos and so on, you are able to restore them easily to your Android phone. All you need to do is to connect your device to computer via the USB cable that is matched. After it is detected, you can go to your backup files and drag them directly to the storage of your Android.

However, if you never make a backup copy before for the lost data, no matter for the media files or text files, you are recommended to try the Android Data Recovery program which helps to safeguard your phone, set it up for easy recovery when it gets lost, and prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. You can follow the guide in part 2 to recover data.

Part 2: Easy steps to recover deleted files from Android phone

The Android Data Recovery program could assist you to recover not only photos and videos, but also SMS text messages, contacts, call history and more from Android phone or tablet. Now, please choose the right version of the program to download for a free try.

Download Win Download Mac

Step 1 Run the Android Data Recovery
Install the program on your computer and run it, you will be asked to connect your Android device to PC via USB.

Step 2 Set up Android to enable USB debugging
After connecting your Android to the computer, go to the step 2 – Enable USB debugging. Here you have three ways to do it according to different Android OS version:
1. For Android 4.2 or the newer: Enter “Settings > About Phone > Build number” for several times and when you get the note: “You are under developer mode”, you can go back to “Settings > Developer options > USB debugging”.
2. Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings > Developer option > USB debugging”.
3. Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.

Enable USB Debugging 4.2

In the latest version of Android Data Recovery, you are empowered to seletively choose which type of files to be scanned.  If you want to recover all type of files, you can just skip it and move on.

Restore Android Deleted Data

Step 3 Start scanning your Android for deleted files
Once you enabling USB debugging for your Android, it will be detected by the program. Then click on the green button “Start” to anaylize your Android data.
When you see the window below, it is time for you moving to your Android device again, tap on the “Allow” icon, then turn back to the computer and click on the “Start” button to continute.

Recover Deleted Data from Android

Step 4 Preview and recover contacts, messages, photos and video from Android
As you can see, this Android Data Recovery can recover data including text messages, contacts, photos and videos from your Android device. But you can only preview messages, contacts and photos now.
At the last step, check and mark those you want and click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

Recover Contacts from Android

Perfectly done. Android Data Recovery help you restore all lost text messages, contacts, photos and videos back on your computer in above four steps.

Tips: Back Up Android Data More Often

Though you are able to recover the accidentally deleted data with Android Data Recovery, it would be better to back up the important file to prevent data loss.

For some types of Android device, you can back up data with official backup Application. For example, if you are a user of Samsung Galaxy device, Samsung Kies can be a good choice. For HTC, HTC Sync Manager could help. And for Sony users, you can choose Sony PC Companion to make a backup.

To prevent data loss and save the storage space, you can also choose the Dropbox or Google Photos app to sync data to the cloud.

Another way to back up Android data is to get help from the third-party App – Phone Transfer or Android Backup Restore, which allows you back up Android data simply including contacts, text messages, calendar, Call logs, playlists info, apps, photos, music and videos from Android device in a very short time., which allows you back up contacts, text messages, calendar, Call logs, playlists info, apps, photos, music and videos from Android device in a very short time.

You can choose the method that fit you most. But if you want to back up data from your Android which can not find any official backup App for the brand, Phone Transfer and Android Backup Restore are recommended. What’s more, sometimes you may need to restore the backup to iPhone, for example, the program could help as well. So why not have a try?